Amelia Baron’s practice emanates a visualisation of the chaotic mind through the themes of performance and installation. The use of delicate materials and repetitive motions take a metaphorical stance on the fragility and vulnerability of mental wellbeing whilst also celebrating the strength of the individual.

Obsession is a series of works that has explored the obsessional traits within mental health issues. For example, Obsession for Perfection was a performance that consisted of lining up grains of rice over a five day period. These endurance performances are often at the core of the artist’s work. Baron also applies this methodology to delicate materials that are subject to repetitive actions to contrast their fragility with the often harsh nature of society.

Brought up in Blackburn, Lancashire, Amelia Baron now resides in Leeds after graduating with a BA in Fine Art. Amelia’s journey into further education was unconventional due to lengthy stays in hospital due to ill mental health in her teens. Becoming more and more institutionalised, art and poetry were Amelia’s only form of expression. By engaging in this innate creativity, art became a cathartic tool for recovery and a means of communication with family and friends.

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