Born in Blackpool and brought up in Blackburn, Lancashire, I now reside in Leeds after graduating with a 1st in BA(Hons) Fine Art in 2018. My journey into further education was unconventional, as during my adolescence I spent lengthy stays in hospital due to ill mental health. Becoming more and more institutionalised, my interest in art and poetry became the only way I could express myself. By engaging in this innate creativity, I was able to use my art as a cathartic tool for recovery and a means of communication with family and friends. As my practice developed, the theme of communication and mental health has remained at the forefront, with my combination of performance, installation and spoken word emanating a visualisation of the chaotic mind. I often use delicate materials and repetitive motions which can be seen as a metaphorical perception on the fragility and vulnerability of mental wellbeing whilst also celebrating the strength of the individual.

instagram; @amelia_baron_artist

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