Connected, 2021

Predominantly created for (RE)VIEW, a collaborative project revisiting overlooked places for The Creative Accelerater Blackburn; Connected depicts a thumb print that has been meticulously hand sewn into calico cotton.

Within the individually sewn lines of the thumb print, Amelia has consciously incorporated an accurately scaled down contour that follows the route from Blackburn to Leeds along the Leeds and Liverpool canal.

Amelia, who was raised in Blackburn and could see the canal from her bedroom window, felt a certain allure to the man-made waterway. It brought a form of calmness and clarity when faced with the difficulty of depression and isolation during the era of Covid-19. Since moving to Leeds in 2015, walking along the canal paths in the city has reminded Amelia of happier and less anxious times, knowing that in reality, home is never that far away, especially when we have the technology to contact friends and family from afar.

Amelia previously created a piece using thread for her 2018 work, Control. By revisiting the material, Amelia intended to approach the topics of conscious and subconscious control within a period of panic and uncertainty.

The materials used for Connected were purchased from a haberdashery within the Blackburn locale as a homage to the town’s cotton mill heritage.