The Burnout Series, 2020/21

Unsurprisingly, 2020 and the onset of 2021 has hade a major impact on society’s mental healths. One of  Amelia’s latest projects has seen the artist explore the impact Covid has had on our mental healths and the notions of Burnout.
Each of the portraits aims to depict the mental strain Burnout has had on the individual, using only cartridge paper and matches to scratch layers of ash until a figurative resemblance is achieved.

Another aspect of the Burnout series is identifying the cause. For Baron, this is the constant obsession for perfection, the fear of failing to deliver, and disappointment if 100% achievement is not met. In reality, one knows this is an impossible feat to be met. This is shown through the photography of meticulously arranged match sticks. However the strive to achieve faultless alignment is still amiss, enabling the audience to question their own perfectionist traits.