Obsession In Isolation, 2020

Obsession In Isolation is the development of Obsession for Perfection, 2018, and Obsession at the Asylum, 2019, in which engaging in ritualist behaviours visualises the obsessional traits within mental health issues.

As the UK embraced it’s first social lockdown due to Coronavirus, for those with underlying mental health problems, the sudden change in routine and social interactions impacted on coping mechanisms and recovery methods. Terms such as “isolation” were also triggering for those with PTSD, especially those experiencing long periods of isolation in psychiatric hospitals or other institutions. 

“Obsession in Isolation aimed to address the obsessive and intrusive thoughts that social lockdown inflicted on myself and others. I repeatedly traced the top of a prescription bottle cap on all four walls of my room, hoping to show support with those who were also struggling with their mental health. The repetitition of the process helped me readjust my mind and brought a sense of calmness compared to the chaos going on outside.”